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The Labia Theater

© froholique
Do you call someone who goes to the movie theatre several times a week a cinephile? If so I guess I can then call myself like this 🙋🏽. When I came to Cape Town, one of my priorities was to find a place where I could continue to watch movies like I used to in France without breaking the bank. The answer to this 👉🏽 The Labia Theater. 
Located in the town center, the Labia Theater is the oldest independent cinema in South Africa. For the record, before 1949 it was an Italian Embassy ballroom. 
L'accès à la salle 2 © froholique
Le stand de popcorn © froholique
It was definitely was one of my favorite places in Cape Town. For the people like me (student budget & cinema enthusiast), it offers a lot of advantages: 
  1. In comparison with the other cinemas from the city, the ticket is cheaper 💸 (R50 against R150 on average).
  2. Thanks to the vintage design it feel like you step back in time 😍
  3. There you can enjoy the movie eating your own snacks. No need to hide your cakes/sweets under your coat 😂. And like in any capetonian movie theater, if you buy popcorn you determine the amount of salt or sugar 😋
  4. Regarding the program, there is something for every taste! From big-budget movies to the “small budget” ones but also local/international movies, there is something for everyone 😎. 
The only “negative thing” there is that the Labia only has 4 screens. So the choice is limited. However this is just a detail. On the average it airs 8 movies per week and the program is renewed on a weekly basis. 
I guess I don’t need to say more. If you’re in Cape Town and looking for a place to chill, you know where to go 😉. 
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Froholically, F. 

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