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Lion’s Head or how to get your head in the clouds

© froholique
© froholique
Lion’s Head is a mountain between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. It peaks at 669 meters above sea level. In the 17th century the Dutchs named it Leeuwen Kop (Lion’s Head) because the shape of the mountain resembling a male lion reclining with his head towards Table Mountain.
Welcoming more than 400 000 hikers per year, Lion’s Head hike is part of the top things to do in Cape Town 🇿🇦.

The Hiking Trail

The circuit starts at the parking lot. The area is not served by public transportation so you will need to get there by car. 
The climb lasts generally between 40 minutes and 1h45. The time you get to the top will depend on your rhythm. I am not or I’d rather say I wasn’t 😎 familiar with hiking. So the first time it took me 1h15 to get to the top. In comparison with Table Mountain hiking trail this one is easier. The only ‘difficult moments’ will be where you’ll need to climb. It will be exhausting especially at the end 😂. But trust me they are the funniest parts of the hike ☺️ . 
If you don’t feel comfortable about climbing no worries 😉 there is an alternative path where you can continue by walking. 
Plutôt marche ou escalade? 🤔 © froholique
Climbing or walking? 🤔 © froholique
Moi je dis escalade 😎 © froholique
I say climbing 😎 © froholique
On your way, you can only be struck by the beauty of the landscape and this feeling of having your head in the clouds 😍. 
Halfway before the sunset © froholique
Halfway before the sunrise © froholique
Once on the top and after taking a breath 😅 the only thing left is to enjoy the show. That’s simply magnificent 🤩. While moving you can see Sea Point, Atlantis Sand Dunes and also Robben Island. 
One of the best sunrise I have ever seen 😍

Un aperçu de ce qui vous attend au retour 😊 © froholique
Here's what to expect on your way back © froholique

Tips to keep in mind

Photo 100% non retouchée 😎 © froholique
Nope I didn't retouch this photo 😎
  1. Generally people go to Lion’s Head to watch the sunrise or the sunset and for both, one part of the walk will be with reduced visibility. As for the show, it will be quite the same. However I advise against going there for the sunset. Here’s why, the way back requires more attention since it is very slippery! Not the best when you’re in the dark 😏.
  2. The higher you get, the temperature will be colder because of the altitude. So bring with you a warm cloth. 
  3. Again if you’re going there for the sunrise or sunset, one part of the climb will be in the dark. So think about bringing something to light  your way. 
  4. Choose appropriated footwear for this kind of activity. Don’t do the ultimate beginner mistake by going there with your brand new sneaker. It will end with regrets, between slips, falls and damaged shoes. I know what I am talking about 🙈
  5. As mentioned previously the time you’ll take to reach the top will depend on you. So if it is your first time and that you want to watch the sunrise/sunset, start the hike 2 hours earlier. 
  6. Once a month takes place the full moon in Cape Town. For the occasion, Capetonians go to Lion’s Head to admire the city during this special moment. So if you have the chance to be there a night of full moon, don’t hesitate a moment. This is a unique experience to not be missed. 
  7. And one last thing, people who may be tempted to recreate Lion King scene. You know the one where Rafiki held Simba over the edge of the cliff. Please don’t do it 😂. Remember that you are at an altitude of more than 600 meters 😉. 
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Froholically, F. 

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